Racquetball Journal is the must-have app for beginners, intermediate and advanced racquetball players who are committed to winning more games!

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Great racquetball players know that one of the keys to consistently winning is to track the skills of your opponents. Learning what works (and what doesn't) from previous matches can give you the edge you need to emerge victorious more often. Racquetball Journal provides you with the tools you'll need to easily track each of your opponents' strengths and weaknesses and allow you to capitalize on that knowledge every time you play.

Never played an opponent before? No problem! By using Racquetball Journal regularly, you'll quickly discover your own strengths and weaknesses and be able to adjust your game for almost any competitor.

Racquetball Journal's clean, easy-to-use interface allows you capture data about your opponent immediately following every match - whether it's courtside, in the locker room, or at home.


  • Hand Use
  • Risk Level
  • Effective Shots
  • Effective Serves
  • Pacing Strategies
  • Mental Strategies
  • How to Win
  • How to Lose

All the data you've entered is combined into one clear and easy-to-understand screen that can be quickly referenced right before a match. Review your opponent's information from prior matches and devise a strategy that could make the difference between winning... and losing.

For example: Imagine you’re about to take on an opponent you haven’t played in years. You know they’re tough, but you can’t remember which strategies worked well (and not so well) in your prior matches. Fortunately, using Racquetball Journal, you captured all of the important details about their hand use, risk level, favorite shots and more when you last met. Now you’re able to recall everything from those past matches. You develop an effective strategy the night before, review your game plan courtside, and win!